About Stormyfuego

It all started when I learned how to use Photoshop to remove the "red eyes" on some photographs that I took. That started my 12 year journey of learning to use graphic software, experimenting with actions and plugins, creating my own designs, competing in graphic contests, doing one on one design services and now my own website. I am Melinda Clark and I do all the original designs for Stormyfuego. On this site I sell those designs on T-Shirts as well as offer one on one design services.


Stormyfuego is my brand and my signature. I have spent a lot of time and worked very hard to create designs and graphics that not only look good but evoke an emotional response. I strive to create visuals that strike chords on different levels and rise above the ordinary and run of the mill graphic designs.


I am a Top Designer on 99 Designs and I have created hundreds of designs for clients all over the world. In that time I have developed my own unique style of text illustration and word cloud designs. I like this style because it combines visual with literal. That is a very potent combination for getting your message across on multiple levels. Whether it is a personal design or a business promotion, text art is very powerful and has a lot of reach.


When I am creating a new design for a client or for myself I am constantly trying new ideas and concepts. Perfection is a moving target and requires constant learning and experimentation that ultimately pushes the design forward. I will try everything and dismiss nothing in order to bring the original concept to life in the best form possible.


I value honesty, integrity and quality. I will settle for nothing less than 100% in all three. When you see the Stormyfuego logo you can be assured that I stand behind my products and that they meet my standards in every respect.


I have always wanted to have my own website but could never find the time or the inspiration to put one together. Due to having a lot of spare time due to the effects of the pandemic I finally managed to get my site up in October of 2020. I have been creating and adding new and original designs since then. Each shirt is direct printed to order on high quality cotton t-shirts. I was fortunate enough to have my first sale shortly after the site went live and I continue to try and grow my audience and customer base.


Some of my designs are just for fun; some are sport related and others astrology inspired. I enjoy creating them all but the ones that are my personal favorites are the ones that uplift and bring an inner peace. From the Tuskegee Tribute design to the Ladies Face of Inspiration and the Pride Lion. If in some small way those images bring a smile and some emotion then I have done my job.


I invite you to take a look at my catalogue and thank you for your time and interest in Stormyfuego Designs.


Melinda Clark